Saturday, September 29, 2012

If you build it...

September 23, 2012

I seem to have developed a habit of updating this blog in September every year.  That is the time of fresh ink on paper, spiral notebooks, and visions of new possibilities.  Alas, I seldom follow through on that dreaming UNLESS I go back to school   And I would LOVE to do that, but not this September. Maybe next.September.

For 2012, I am doing something different.  Actually committing to a program of living the dream.  How to do that?  Well, the first step is to enlist a coach to ensure that I stick to that commitment.  I have done that.  Next step is to dream a little bigger.  Not to settle for small dreams, because small dreams create small realities.

I am stepping out into another vibration.  One that is a match to what I have always wanted to achieve in my life.  I'm on my way to collecting the bits, pieces and fragments that have gathered over the past 30 years, a poem here, a fragment of a short story there, an unfinished novel.  Weeding out the chaff, gathering the wheat into a collection that I can be proud of...and PUBLISH it.

A bold statement, I understand, but I am really and truly sick and tired of my own excuses.  My own justifications for not following the 52 year old dream and doing what I truly love.  I am committing to you, reader, to my family, who have cheered me on for years, but I always stopped short of the finish, to my Higher Power who gave me a truly amazing gift that I have hidden under a bushel, and finally, and perhaps more importantly, to myself.  The person who has sacrificed talent for mediocrity, the person who has settled for less and thought it was my "lot" in life.  To her, to the little child who dreamed a bigger dream than anyone else in her family had been able to accomplish, I dedicate the pages to come.

Which I also promise, will be updated more often than before, if only with a few words to honor my commitment to myself, to writing, to my children, and to the Universe.  Thus I speak my imaginings into reality and share my true story for all to see  (if they so choose.)