Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Worldviews and the status quo

My life has changed dramatically since I last posted on this blog.  I moved from my beloved Albuquerque, NM  to Louisville, KY.  If you have been following this saga at all, you may remember that I lived in Kentucky for 30 years, with a 2 year hiatus in Dallas, Texas, my original home town.  I think there has to be some gypsy in my ancestry because I love to move, well not the physical act of packing, loading, moving unloading, unpacking and not being able to find everything you need for 5 months, but the being in a different location.

Changing perspectives is never easy, but when you move into a new residence, your perspective has to shift.  Rooms aren’t in the same place, not enough cabinets, either you now have a walk-in closet, or like me, your closet space has shrunk 200%.  Some good things, being closer to family, reacquainting self with old friends, or making new ones, finding things to do in the new city/town/neighborhood, all these things require an adjustment in habits, which can result in a new perception of things, and if you are lucky, a complete paradigm shift. 

Once you change your perspective a few times, it becomes easier to open yourself up to the possibility that you don’t know everything or that your worldview isn’t the only one and could possibly be causing you harm. And once you look at  the world with a different view, you will never be the same again.