Friday, August 25, 2006

About Albuquerque

Actually, the original destination was Santa Fe, but now that I've lived in New Mexico for 3 months, I've visited Albuquerque 3 times and I've only been to Santa Fe once. Reason? I'm falling in love with Albuquerque. It's a great city, with lots to do, and close to Santa Fe, so that's another positive.

So here's the deal. Remember that QF post last month? Well, I sent the energy out in the form of job applications and have snagged a couple of decent results. In fact, I've been offered a job in Albuquerque. Who says you can't create your own reality?

Go for it. Give your thoughts, dreams, desires to the Universe and just allow her to lasso them in for you.

I'm going for the house hunt on Saturday!!

All for now.