Monday, July 31, 2006

Playing in the quantum field

Have you ever had a day, where you just knew that everything was going your way. In spite of all the pain, tragedy and just plain meanness in this world, you knew that you were above it all?

That's what I call playing with quarks! I'm having that kind of life and it wasn't always so, now I'm thinking that I can upgrade my small house for a more comfortable one, my small salary for a larger one, and anything else I need, I'm just calling for an upgrade.

I'm putting it out to the quantum field. I need at least $5000 more dollars a year. I need a bigger home, more open, more Southwest! I need to live in a larger city and I need a job where every hour of my day isn't scheduled for me by somebody else!

I'm pretty sure the Universe can manage that for me. What do you think????