Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another few months

have passed and I have been very busy in my new life. It hasn't been all wine and roses, or even guns and roses, in fact, I don't think I've seen a rose since I left Louisville!!

Cactus, yes, beautiful mountains, lots of sunshine, but not roses. And still, there have been quite a few thorns. I guess that's just how life is.

My energy is waning as December creeps on and I discover winter in New Mexico is still winter. It hasn't been the immediate healer I had hoped for. The downside of living in this body is that I have more than my share of colds, allergies, body aches and pains. OF course, the upside of living in this body is that I'm ALIVE.

and how grateful I am for that. I know that life is fragile.

And yet, we continue living as if it weren't. OR I do, most of us do, I think. I wonder what it would look like, the world, I mean, if everyone of us lived as though we were abundantly capable of changing our world.

I know that we are.

It's time we do so.